HIUS 380 HIUS380 Quiz 6 Answers (Liberty)

HIUS 380 HIUS380 Quiz 6 Answers (Liberty)


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HIUS 380 Quiz 6 (Liberty)

  1. As the New Advisory Command Vietnam (MACV) and the United States in general continued to expand its power in South Vietnam and and Thailand, the communists tightened their grip in
  2. After the Korean War, President Eisenhower elected to _________ the defense budget
  3. The Eisenhower Administration’s defense posture can be described as
  4. The concept of Vietnamization placed greater emphasis on pacification through Civil Operations and Rural Development Support (CORDS). An important aspect of CORDS was:
  5. Some of the changes occurring by 1972 included
  6. The Kennedy Administration had _______ of the basic defense goals.
  7. The creation of the 1st Calvary Division (airmobile) demonstrated the Kennedy Administrations belief that
  8. In the Highlands in 1965, American airmobile operations were extremely:
  9. Some of the Weapon improvements of the 1950s “Dual-Capability” Army included
  10. The Kennedy administration of “Flexible Response” grew in large measure from its foreign policy success in removing Russian missiles from Cuba. A problem with this strategy was
  11. The Army during the 1950s found itself deploying to various areas to include:
  12. Though it could be argued that the Tet Offensive was a tactical and strategic failure, the American public quickly
  13. As American troops continued to withdraw, the final battles between the North and South during the 1972 offensive resembled Tet 1968, except that __________
  14. As a result of the Cold War, the United States found itself backing the French in SE Asia with materials. Regardless, the French failed to reach the people and lost a major battle at
  15. True victory in Vietnam seemed elusive since the Military Assistance Command (MACV) had successfully defeated the enemy conventionally through 1967, but these successes were not translated into success at __________.

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