HIUS 380 HIUS380 Quiz 3 Answers (Liberty)

HIUS 380 HIUS380 Quiz 3 Answers (Liberty)


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HIUS 380 Quiz 3 (Liberty)

  1. A result of the Arcadia Conference in December 1941 was the decision to 
  2. At St. Lo, American forces:
  3. A classic American use of converging columns occurred as the U.S. Army advanced through France in 1944 towards:
  4. The invasion of Sicily was known as Operation __________
  5. The Primary concern for planners in the pacific during 1942 was the buildup of a base in and the protection of: 
  6. The primary concern for planners in the war against Germany in early 1942 was to secure
  7. Through a series of converging movements over difficult terrain, the retreat to Bataan ahead of advancing Japanese was conducted by 
  8. Americans landed at three spots in North Africa with the ultimate objective to secure ____
  9. A result of the difficult and sometimes bloody campaign in Italy was
  10. The controversial commander of 5th Army whose forces entered Rome was
  11. The only major defeat suffered by American forces in World War II came during their introduction to war in North Africa at the hands of the Germans at
  12. The bloody Italian campaign witnessed a hard-fought amphibious assault at
  13. An unfortunate episode of fratricide occurred between Naval Gunners and ________ on the night of July 11, 1943
  14. Hitler’s need for oil may explain, in part, his decision to break an earlier alliance with the ____________
  15. While Britain sought to hold onto its influence in the Eastern Mediterranean (including the oil-rich middle-east), the Germans attacked during the summer of 1940 in a series of battles known as 

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