HIS 378 HIS378 Week 4 Assignment Historiography Paper Outline (Ashford)

HIS 378 HIS378 Week 4 Assignment Historiography Paper Outline (Ashford)


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Ashford HIS 378 Week 4 Assignment Historiography Paper Outline

Historiography Paper Outline. Due by Day 7.
To prepare for your Final Project (due in Week Five), complete the following written assignment and then submit it to your instructor for feedback.

Develop a preliminary outline of Develop a preliminary outline of Part One of the Final Project – “Historiography: Identification, Assessment and Application.” of the Final Project.

For your outline

  • Compose a revised version of your introduction and preliminary thesis statement, based on feedback

    received from your Week Three assignment.

  • Distinguish between the perspectives of the six secondary sources you will use in your Final Project to

    determine the organization of your work.

  • Identify the theoretical or methodological approach in each secondary source.

  • Identify similarities or divergences in key interpretations.

  • Compose a draft of your conclusion.

    Remember to organize your paper with deliberation. For example, you can present the evolution of the historiography chronologically (from the earliest study to most recent study), according to sides of a debate, in terms of methodology, or by theoretical perspective.

    As you seek to distinguish between the perspectives of your authors, consider the following issues:

    • How do they compare or contrast?

    • Why might these scholars have either divergent or similar interpretations?

    • Keep in mind that the reasons for differences or similarities may be attributed to the nature of the source

      materials the authors are using (both primary and secondary), their methods, or the theoretical perspectives they are employing. 

      • Think about not only each author’s thesis, use of sources, and construction of argument, but also the reasons why a given author’s approach produces a different interpretation than that of another study.

      Prior to completing this portion of the assignment, view the Outline page in the Ashford Writing Center listed under “Writing Tools”. Format your assignment according to the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS). 

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