HIS 378 HIS378 Week 3 Assignment Final Paper Prep (Ashford)

HIS 378 HIS378 Week 3 Assignment Final Paper Prep (Ashford)


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Ashford HIS 378 Week 3 Assignment Final Paper Prep

To prepare for your Final Project (due in Week Five), complete the following written assignment and then submit it to your instructor for feedback. Prior to working on this assignment, reflect on your work in the Week Two and Week Three Skills Forums.

This assignment has two components.
For the
first component, write a draft of your introduction, including your preliminary thesis statement. The introduction must

  • Be a full paragraph in length.

  • Identify your topic with precision.

  • Explain the historical context most directly relevant to your topic.

  • Identify the key historiographic debate(s) associated with your topic.

  • Present a preliminary thesis statement for the Final Project.

    If you need assistance in developing your thesis, please visit the Thesis Statements page provided by the Ashford Writing Center.

    Look at the following examples of how to construct a thesis statement for a historiographical essay (fill in your information into the bracketed portions):

    The historiography of [your topic] can be understood as a shift in interpretation from [x] to [y], based on the changing theoretical perspectives of scholars who have moved toward an emphasis on multiple facets of “history from below.”

    The historiography associated with [your topic] can be characterized as conversation between two key streams of interpretation: while [camp x] emphasizes [what these scholars hold in common], [camp y] finds [what this other group of scholars gravitate toward] to be a more compelling stance.

    For the second component, create an annotated bibliography that includes six scholarly secondary sources (not including your textbook) and one primary source. You may include three required readings provided as course materials associated with your topic. Each source should be immediately followed by its annotation.

    An annotated bibliography is comprised of

• A list of the your selected sources cited in Chicago Manual of Style format. 

• A one- to two-paragraph summary of each source.

In the summary for the secondary sources

  • Identify the author’s thesis or the central focus.

  • List two or three main points the author makes to back up the thesis or central focus.

  • Identify a distinguishing feature of this study, such as

    o typeofsourcesexamined, o theoreticalapproach,

o methodology , and
o author’s position regarding a key debate associated with the topic.

In the summary for the primary source

  • Identify the type of source.

  • List information on the author(s) of the source.

  • List information about when and where the source was created.

  • Identify purpose for which piece was originally written.

  • Identify the audience toward whom piece was originally directed.

  • Explain the historical significance of the source.

    Prior to completing this portion of the assignment, please view the Guidelines for Summarizing Sources page, located in the Ashford Writing Center. 

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