HIS 342 HIS342 Week 5 Final Paper Arab Uprising/Protests of 2010-2011 (Ashford)

HIS 342 HIS342 Week 5 Final Paper Arab Uprising/Protests of 2010-2011 (Ashford)


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HIS 342 Week 5 Final Paper Arab Uprising/Protests of 2010-2011 / THE MIDDLE EAST

Arab Uprising/Protests of 2010-2011 [CLOs: 2, 3, 5, 6]. Due by Day 7. Starting in Tunisia in December 2010, uprisings and protests spread throughout the Arab world in 2011, leaving few states untouched. Within the 

introduction to his text, The Modern Middle East: A History, James Gelvin presents these uprisings and protests as part of a wider Middle Eastern effort for reform. He writes,

During 2010-2011, millions of Middle Easterners from Morocco to Iran have gone out onto the street demanding the same human and democratic rights and social and economic justice enjoyed by so many others throughout the world. They did this knowing they faced the full wrath of the regimes that oppressed them. And while some states broke down, leaving chaos in their wake, and autocrats held onto power or returned to power in others, those aspirations remain. (Gelvin, 2016, p. 4)

Your Final Paper will examine the uprisings and protests that began in 2010 and 2011 in one of the following six Arab countries: 


  • You will choose one of these countries and research the uprising and/or protests in that country. In your paper,

    you will do the following:

• Discuss the grievances of the people, i.e. the causes of the uprising and /or protests.
This is not only the spark that started the uprising and or protests but also the underlying grievances that the people hoped to address through the uprising/protests.

  • Chronicle the major events during the uprising/protests.

  • Profile at least two citizens of your country and explain their reaction to and involvement in the uprising/protests.

You should provide a thorough description of these individuals and discuss their hopes for or fears of the uprising/protests and the extent to which these hopes or fears are realized. In describing these citizens, you should mention such factors as age, economic status, and career.

  • Describe any changes made to the government and society as a result of the uprising/protests.

  • Assess the extent to which the people’s grievances were resolved. 

Your paper must be eight to ten double-spaced pages in length and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center, and include at least 6 scholarly sources, including at least one primary source and two secondary sources. 

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