HIS 342 HIS342 Week 3 Assignment 2 Final Paper Preparation II Annotated Bibliography and Outline (Ashford)

HIS 342 HIS342 Week 3 Assignment 2 Final Paper Preparation II Annotated Bibliography and Outline (Ashford)


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HIS 342 Week 3 Assignment 2 Final Paper Preparation II Annotated Bibliography and Outline / THE MIDDLE EAST

Final Paper Preparation II: Annotated Bibliography and Outline [CLOs: 2, 3, 5, 6]. Due by Day 7. In Week 1, you chose one of six Arab countries that experienced uprisings/protests beginning in 2010 and 2011 to research for your Final Paper. In Week 2, you discussed the grievances that led to the uprising/protests in your country and compared them to the grievances in your classmates’ countries. For this week’s predatory assignment, you 

will need to develop a preliminary draft of your introduction and thesis statement, compile an annotated bibliography of at least six sources, and develop a preliminary outline of your final paper.

Part I. Draft of Introduction and Thesis:
Write a preliminary introduction with a draft of your thesis statement. This should be a full paragraph in length, and it should identify your topic and explain what events and developments related to the topic you intend to examine. Identify your argument for the Final Paper. If you need assistance in developing your thesis, please visit the
Thesis Statements page provided by the Ashford Writing Center.

Part II: Annotated Bibliography:

You will prepare an annotated bibliography in APA format that contains a minimum of six scholarly sources. The annotation of each source should include the following:

A complete citation of each source in APA format
An identification of each source as a primary or secondary source
At least two primary sources
o SeetheAshfordUniversityPrimaryandSecondarySourcesInfographicforadescriptionofprimary

and secondary sources. The “Suggested Resources for Arab Uprisings 2010-2011” document lists the type of source for each resource included. If you are unsure of whether a source is a primary or a secondary source, submit the citation and a brief description to “Ask Your Instructor” for identification. This will help both you and your classmates learn to identify the types of sources.

At least two peer-reviewed journal articles o Thesearesecondarysources.

A description of the main focus of the source (if a primary source) or thesis (if a secondary source) o This should be paraphrased in your own words

An explanation of why you believe the source will be important for your Final Paper completing this portion of the assignment, please view the Sample Annotated Bibliography page and the

Part III: Outline 

Develop a preliminary Outline of your final paper. Your outline should include at least the following:

  • Your introduction (including your preliminary thesis from part I, above)

  • At least 5 body paragraphs

  • Your conclusion 

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