HIS 310 HIS310 Midterm Exam with Answers

HIS 310 HIS310 Midterm Exam with Answers


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HIS 310 HIS/310 HIS310 Midterm Questions (THOMAS EDISON STATE COLLEGE)

1. Discuss the main beliefs of the Muslim faith as expressed in the Qur'an. How do these beliefs compare to Judeo-Christian beliefs? What, for example, in Al-Fatiha, the opening chapter of the Qur'an, is similar to Judeo-Christian teachings?

2. Discuss Islamic theology. How does it compare to Christian theology, what major theological issues confronted early Islamic society, and how were these issues dealt with?

3. Define umma and sharia. Explain their relation to one another and their fundamental importance in Islamic society.

4. Discuss the period of Islamic history known as the caliphate. What was the crisis of leadership and authority during this period, what challenges and setbacks did the early caliphs face, and what were their achievements?

5. Discuss the riddah and the early expansion of Islam. What challenges of leadership were involved with the acquisition of new territory for the umma, and how were these challenges met?

6. Summarize the main sectarian disputes within Islamic civilization as well the external threats to it that existed during the period from the tenth through thirteenth centuries

7. Describe the main sources of Islamic law and the main features of the legal system that evolved during the early period of Islamic history.

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