HIS 206 HIS206 Week 1 Skill Activity 2

HIS 206 HIS206 Week 1 Skill Activity 2


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HIS206 Week 1 Skill Activity 

  1. Common knowledge is information that most people generally know and that is easily confirmable, like dates
  2. This is an example of common knowledge: President Eisenhower’s foreign policy strategy was called the New Look and it included downsizing the military, using covert special operations when he thought it benefitted the national interest, and relying on the threat of nuclear attack as a diplomatic negotiating tactic.
  3. If I am caught plagiarizing, my instructor is required to let me correct my assignment and resubmit it.
  4. Plagiarism is presenting someone else’s work, including words, ideas, or material, as your own.
  5. Submitting another student’s work as your own is,
  6. Plagiarism policies are only enforced in upper-level courses.
  7. If you copy material directly from a source, put it directly into your assignment, presenting it as your own work, that is
  8. Which of these can NOT be a penalty for plagiarism?
  9. Amy is having a hard time figuring out what to write for this week’s discussion board so she takes a few minutes to read over what other students wrote.  She sees that one of her classmates has written a great post that really sums up what she wants to say so she copy and pastes a few sentences from her classmate’s post into her own. This is,
  10. Plagiarism is
  11. Citations are optional for which of these
  12. All citations should contain
  13. Including the date of publication for the source is optional for citations.
  14. You should use as many quotations in your work as you can
  15. If there is no date of publication for the source, you should put which of these in the citation.
  16. What is wrong with this example?
  17. What is wrong with this citation: (A. Henry, 2013)
  18. Your citations belong
  19. You should use quotes
  20. You reference list should include

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