HIS 206 HIS206 Week 1 Quiz

HIS 206 HIS206 Week 1 Quiz


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HIS 206 Week 1 Quiz

  1. In 1870 why did Chief Red Cloud travel to Washington, D.C., to speak with government officials?
  2. Members of which ethnic group were most restricted in their immigration to the Unites States, beginning in 1875?
  3. Which social philosophy is closest to being the opposite of the Social Gospel movement?
  4. When Jacob S. Coxey and his “army” arrived in Washington, D.C., to demand better treatment of America’s unemployed workers, they were arrested for __________.
  5. The Jim Crow system restricted the rights and political participation of __________.
  6. Advocates of Social Darwinism would agree that __________.
  7. What was the Pacific coast equivalent to Ellis Island?
  8. All of the following were populist coalitions that fought against a capitalist system that was unresponsive to their needs EXCEPT __________.
  9. What event marked the end of the Ghost Dances?
  10. Most New South industries had to depend on northern __________.

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