HIS 125 HIS125 Module 1 Homework Solution (AAU Online)

HIS 125 HIS125 Module 1 Homework Solution (AAU Online)


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1.How did humans evolve, and where did they migrate?

2.What were the key features of Paleolithic society?

3.How did growing social and gender hierarchies and expanding networks of trade increase the complexity of human society in the Neolithic period?

4.How did the people of Mesopotamia form the world’s first states, and how did their institutions spread?

5.How did the Hebrews create an enduring written religious tradition, and what was its significance?

6.How did geography, leadership, and religion enable the Egyptians to build and maintain a cohesive, prosperous society, and how did migrations and invasions shape Egypt’s fate?

7.What were the strengths of and the major differences between the Assyrian and Persian Empires?

PART II: Journal

1.I study history because…

2.History is important to me because…

3.Discuss one recorded event in history you think is significant to you.

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