HIS 101 HIS101 Final Exam with Answers

HIS 101 HIS101 Final Exam with Answers


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HIS 101 HIS/101 HIS101 Final Study Guide (AUBURN)

1. Who was Muhammad’s caliph or “successor” after his death?

2. Which emperor embraced Christianity and began to convert the empire?

3. What religion did the Visigoths convert to in 589?

4. Which Muslim faction believed in the coming of a messiah?

5. In the early 16th century, Isabella d’Este, named “the First Lady of the World” by a prominent politician, ruled the city of

6. Who aided in Pepin being crowned king?

7. What group of people were the original source of “Arabic” numerals and the concept of zero?

8. What was the birthplace of Gothic-style architecture?

9. Muhammad was born in the ancient Arabian city of

10. Which city did Rome destroy in 66 C.E. after a revolt of the Zealots?

11. Which Christian city was sacked during the Fourth Crusade?

12. The French national legislature, which first met in 1302 under Philip IV, was the

13. Religious “orthodoxy” refers to

14. As a result of the pope’s 1494 Line of Demarcation, what was the only American colony established by Portugal?

15. Which king was declared heir to both the English and French thrones?

16. The cool, dark interiors of Romanesque churches appealed to people in Italy, Spain, and southern France because they

17. Who wrote a rule that became the very foundation of Western monasticism?

18. What kind of natural disaster struck Europe several times during the first third of the fourteenth century?

19. During the Middle Ages what level of formal education was typically provided to middle-and upper-class girls?

20. Who was the last Roman emperor who was a pagan rather than a Christian?

21. As an academic title, what is the literal translation of the word doctor?

22. Which of the following was NOT a factor in the decline of the Byzantine Empire in the seventh century?

23. Christianity in Ireland was centered on

24. The Investiture Controversy revolved around what conflict?

25. Why did the Council of Basel fail?

26. What did the crusaders do when they captured Jerusalem in 1099?

27. What did the word crusade originally mean?

28. Which country took the early lead in Atlantic exploration?

29. Which country sponsored the voyage of the Genoese sailor John Cabot?

30. The lure of what subject drew Christian European scholars to Muslim libraries?

31. What was the ultimate end of Frederick II’s brilliant reign and many accomplishments?

32. The region between the Rhine and Somme rivers was often referred to as “Austrasia,” which means the

33. The oral traditions of Germans were first written down in

34. During the Middle Ages, the most persistent and longest lasting invasions of others’ lands were carried out by

35. Pope Gregory the Great is credited with introducing

36. Why do Islamic states, both in their early years and today, differ from Christian states in the relationship between church and state?

37. The fall of which important center in 997 provoked the first “holy war” against the Muslims?

38. What was the name of the heretical group that spread into Western Europe from the Balkans and became the target of a crusade to force them out of France?

39. Which of the following men became known as the “father of humanism”?

40. The underlying issue of the Hundred Years’ War was

41. The most successful crusade was the

42. What task did Clovis have when he created the Merovingian dynasty?

43. Although Christopher Columbus was an experienced map maker, his most serious basic misconception was that he believed

44. Hildegard of Bingen was held in high regard because she

45. Justinian’s court historian, who described his many building projects, was

46. What made the Christian New Testament a powerful influence for centuries after Jesus?

47. In 1066, William “the Conqueror” conquered

48. Why is Donatello’s David considered the first true Renaissance sculpture?

49. A resource—often land—that was given to vassals to support them while they served their lord was known as a feudum or a

50. In 1453, which Ottoman leader took the city of Constantinople, earning him the nickname “the Conqueror”?

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