HIM 301 HIM301 Week 2 Quiz Answers (Ashford)

HIM 301 HIM301 Week 2 Quiz Answers (Ashford)


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HIM 301 Week 2 Quiz

  1. Public health differs from clinical practice in important ways. Which statement reflects the differences?
  2. Which group would have a financial incentive to implement CDS?
  3. Which social and political challenges impact public health informatics? (Select all that apply.)
  4. Financial reporting is a vital part of decision making in healthcare organizations. Which report would be used to show a snapshot of the bottom line?
  5. What technology has been described as the next frontier for home health and related community-based systems?
  6. Which examples describe how clinical applications are tied to other components in the EHR infrastructure? (Select all that apply.)
  7. The supply item master is:
  8. Why are expert diagnostic decision support systems not integrated into clinical settings ? (Select all that apply.)
  9. Business practices and information systems in the supply chain must:
  10. Which of the following are challenges or barriers to CDS adoption? (Select all that apply)
  11. A vendor master file is:
  12. The supply chain in healthcare includes: (Select all that apply.)
  13. What are the advantages of telehealth for patients? (Select all that apply.)
  14. A financial information system (FIS) includes:
  15. Despite the challenges, public health systems are now available. Good examples of these systems have implemented vocabulary and messaging standards, are used to make public health decisions in a clinical setting, and provide data for public health policy. One of the best examples is:
  16. When using the online billing and payment tool, which functions directly benefit the patient? (Select all that apply.)
  17. A healthcare system has implemented a functionality where patients who are overdue or almost due for a mammogram are sent letters notifying them to schedule a mammogram based on available data and current clinical care guidelines. Which type of CDS system is this?
  18. Open shift management:
  19. Which payer is the largest for home health services?
  20. Which incentive has the strongest potential to spur the nationwide adoption of advanced CDS?
  21. When did formalized home health and community-based systems originate in the United States?
  22. Public health could benefit from improved technical architectures in the future. Which of these is not a likely technology for the future?
  23. What are the key tenants of the Triple Aim for Health Care? (Select all that apply.)
  24. What are the two overarching types of telehealth technologies?
  25. Why have most CDS systems not shown to significantly impact patient outcomes in clinical trials, despite the fact that a majority of systems have been shown to significantly improve care processes?

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