GEOL 100 GEOL100 FINAL EXAM with Answers (UMUC)

GEOL 100 GEOL100 FINAL EXAM with Answers (UMUC)


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QUESTION 1:  Which of the following statements about the rock cycle is correct? (2.5 pts)

QUESTION 2:  Which layer on this figure is the continental crust? (2.5 pts)

QUESTION 3:  Which of the following is NOT a mineral? Choose all that apply.  (2.5 pts)

QUESTION 4:  What mineral property is illustrated by this photograph? (2.5 pts)

QUESTION 5:  Which of the following locations would contain a wide variety of sediment, from large angular blocks to fine rock powder, produced from grinding of the rocks? (2.5 pts)

QUESTION 6:  On this map of the south Atlantic, why is the mid-ocean ridge in the center of the ocean? (2.5 pts)

QUESTION 7:  Where is subduction occurring on this map of South America? (2.5 pts)

QUESTION 8:  What types of plate boundaries are shown in this figure? Choose all that apply. (2.5 pts)

QUESTION 9:  Which of the following is a principle to interpret relative ages? (2.5 pts)

QUESTION 10:  Which of the following represents the longest duration of geologic time? (2.5 pts)

QUESTION 11:  Coarsely crystalline igneous textures indicate that: (2.5 pts)

QUESTION 12:  This volcano is broad and low, and is composed of basaltic lava flows. What kind of volcano is it? (2.5 pts)

QUESTION 13:  Which of the following is a characteristic of P-waves? (2.5 pts)

QUESTION 14:  Clastic sedimentary rocks are classified according to clast size, whereas chemical sedimentary rocks are classified based on their dominant minerals. (2.5 pts)

QUESTION 15:  A delta forms when: (2.5 pts)

QUESTION 16:  Which of the following does NOT influence whether sediment is picked up by a stream? (2.5 pts)

QUESTION 17:  Which of the following is an island arc? (2.5 pts)

QUESTION 18:  Which parts of the seafloor have the youngest oceanic crust? (2.5 pts)

QUESTION 19:  Which feature on this diagram is a cirque? (2.5 pts)

QUESTION 20:  What carved this U-shaped valley? (2.5 pts)

QUESTION 21:  How did the sea cave in this feature form? (2.5 pts)

QUESTION 22:  If waves approach the shore at an angle they: (2.5 pts)

QUESTION 23:  Which of the following is a way that slopes fail? (2.5 pts)

QUESTION 24:  The type of slope failure shown in this photograph is: (2.5 pts)

QUESTION 25:  If an area has shallow, intermediate, and deep earthquakes, what can you infer about the area? Choose all that apply. (2.5 pts)

QUESTION 26:  The sediment in this photograph mostly likely formed in: (2.5 pts)

QUESTION 27:  What is this desert feature? (2.5 pts)

QUESTION 28:  Which of the features on this aerial photograph is a point bar? (2.5 pts)

QUESTION 29:  Which letter in this classification table indicates the position of basalt? (2.5 pts)

QUESTION 30:  What is meant by the statement “Every metamorphic rock has a parent rock”? (2.5 pts)

QUESTION 31:  Match the rock category with the specific rock. (5 pts)

QUESTION 32:  Match the volcano with the volcano type. (3 pts)

QUESTION 33:  Match the region with the type of plate boundary. (5 pts)

QUESTION 34:  The diagram below shows the record of one earthquake on seismograms at three different stations in a seismic network. Which station (WUAZ, DUG, ISCO) was closest to the earthquake epicenter and how can you tell?  Explain. (3 pts)

QUESTION 35:  What is the youngest unit or feature in this figure? Which relative dating principles did you use to determine this?  Explain.  (3 pts)

QUESTION 36:  Why is it that scientists know less about the first four-fifths of Earth's history than about the last, most recent one-fifth? (3 pts)

QUESTION 37:  The great multimillionaire Rich Mahn is building a new mansion on a steep bluff overlooking a languid river below ... or, at least he could look over the river if it weren't for all the trees in the way. Whipping out his cell phone, he calls a local landscaping company and has all of the trees ripped out and the steep slope smoothed back into place. Several months later, Rich is making another phone call, this time to a construction company. It seems that the bluff is eroding away at an alarming rate and the ground that his new house is sitting on is being undermined. What event(s) led to the mass wasting at Rich's house and why? (3 pts)

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