GEOG 101 GEOG101 Final Exam (APUS)

GEOG 101 GEOG101 Final Exam (APUS)


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GEOG101 Final Exam (APUS)

Between Yemen and Djibouti is the choke point known as: A.Hormuz

C.Bab el Mandeb D.Suez E.Gibraltar

Question 2 of 80

Which of the following is not located within the Maghreb region? A.the Atlas Mountains
C.the countries that were once called the Barbary states D.the Mecca area of the Arabian Peninsula

E.the city of Tunis

Question 3 of 80

The North Africa/Southwest Asia realm contains 5 countries that together account for about __________ % of the world's oil reserves.

A.10 B.95 C.57 D.30 E.3

The first empire that organized isolated villages and tribes in India was created by the _______. A.Aryans

B.Indus C.Dravidians

D.Buddhas E.Mauryans

Question 5 of 80

Which of the following was not a part of French Indochina? A.Tonkin

B.Siam C.Cambodia D.Laos E.Vietnam

Question 6 of 80

The island off the south coast of Australia is known as: A.Tasmania

B.Canberra C.Sydney
D.New Guinea E.Christmas Island

Question 7 of 80

The basalt covered plateau that extends across most of southern India is known as the: A.Punjab

B.Bengla C.Dravidian D.Deccan E.Raj

Question 8 of 80

Which of the following is not located in Pakistan? A.Deccan Plateau

D.Islamabad E.Baluchistan

Question 9 of 80

Xizang: the Chinese name for Tibet Buddhist
C.has suffered from the destruction of its culture by the Chinese D.has its capital at Lhasa
E.all of the above

Question 10 of 80

The State of Israel:
A.was settled by people fleeing the Zionist policies of Nazi Germany
B.was created from territory that was formerly administered by the British
C.was part of the Ottoman Empire and ceded to the Israelis in 1923
D.was created out of the country of Palestine that previously had no Jewish population E.was founded immediately after World War I

Question 11 of 80

The city located closest to the Ganges Delta is: A.Calcutta (Kolkata)
B.New Delhi
C.Madras (Chennai)

D.Islamabad E.Colombo

Question 12 of 80

A territorial sea is: area of the ocean where all of the rights of a coastal state prevail B.a body of water completely surrounded by a state
C.a small body of water that connects to larger bodies of water D.only found in the Southern Ocean area where a state has no rights to exploit minerals

Question 13 of 80

Which of the following areas of India is located in the Brahmaputra Valley? A.Deccan

B.Assam (Asom) C.Punjab D.Kashmir E.Tibet

Question 14 of 80

Which of the following is false about New Caledonia?
A.It has significant nickel resources.
B.It was under British rule.
C.It is inhabited by only about 300,000 persons.
D.Its Melanesian population would like to end colonial rule. E.About 37% of the population is of European ancestry.

Question 15 of 80

The Huang He (Yellow River):
A.drains the Xi (West)/Pearl River Basin
B.flows into the South China Sea
C.almost encircles one of China's driest areas, the Ordos Desert
D.flows from the Loess Plateau eastward toward the East China Sea south of Shanghai E.originates in the Tarim Basin

Question 16 of 80

The untouchable caste in India is known as the: A.Hindus

B.dalits C.Brahmans D.Sikhs
E.all of the above

Question 17 of 80

In Iraq, the Shi'ite population is concentrated in: A.the north

B.the capital
C.the border area near Jordan D.the south
E.the Kurdish area

Question 18 of 80

The dominant centripetal force in India has been the: A.cultural and religious strength of Hinduism B.universality of the English Language
C.united opposition to Islam

D.national effort against the colonial power E.war on hunger and malnutrition

Question 19 of 80

Which of the following republics of Turkestan has a people of Persian origin? A.Kazakhstan

B.Uzbekistan C.Turkmenistan D.Tajikistan E.Kyrgyzstan

Question 20 of 80

The caste system is most associated with which of the following religious group? A.Rastafarian

B.Muslim C.Buddhist D.Hindu E.Christian

Question 21 of 80

Which of the following countries does not share a common border with Pakistan? A.Iran

B.China C.Bangladesh D.Afghanistan E.India

Question 22 of 80

An area whose control is still disputed by India and Pakistan is: A.Punjab

B.Jammu and Kashmir C.Bangladesh D.Bengal

Question 23 of 80

Much of India's coal supply is found in the: A.Assam region

B.Chota-Nagpur Plateau C.Western Ghats D.Kathiawar Peninsula E.Kashmir province

Question 24 of 80

1.25/ 1.25 Points

1.25/ 1.25 Points

The ___________ Revolution of the 1960s introduced "miracle" varieties of wheat and rice that significantly increased the productivity of these crops.

A.Communist B.Green C.Agricultural D.Malthusian E.Gandhian

Question 25 of 80

The Hawaiian Islands are included in: A.Melanesia

B.Micronesia C.Polynesia D.Fiji E.Indonesia

Question 26 of 80

A boundary is actually marked on the ground during the stage called: A.administration

B.allocation (definition) C.delimitation D.demarcation E.antecedence

Question 27 of 80

Which of the following cities is located in Pakistan's Sindh region? A.Karachi

B.Kabul C.Islamabad D.Lahore E.Rawalpindi

Question 28 of 80

Two political entities that recently reunited with China are: A.Vietnam and Shandong
B.Macau (Macao) and Shenzhen
C.Hong Kong (Xianggang) and Shenzhen

D.Hong Kong and Xianggang
E.Macau (Macao) and Hong Kong (Xianggang)

Question 29 of 80

The largest oil reserves in what has traditionally been known as "The Middle East" are found in which country:

A.Israel B.Libya
D.Saudi Arabia E.Yemen

Question 30 of 80

Which of the following regions is often called "Manchuria" by uninformed foreigners? A.Northeast China
C.North China Plain

E.Red Basin of Sichuan

1.25/ 1.25 Points The city of __________ is located at the confluence of the White and Blue Nile and serves as the capital of __________.

1.25/ 1.25 Points

Question 31 of 80

A.Khartoum/North Sudan B.Addis Ababa/Ethiopia C.Cairo/Egypt D.Kabul/Afghanistan E.Baghdad/Iraq

Question 32 of 80

Powdery wind-blown soil pulverized by glaciers is called: A.ordos

B.loess C.quick clay D.humus E.aphanitic

Question 33 of 80

Centrifugal forces:

A.tend to pull a state together, unifying it and increasing its cohesion
B.determine the effectiveness with which the boundary system functions to control the population

C.affect the binding function of the capital city
D.have the effect of dividing a state, promoting disunity and internal fragmentation E.pull a state from representative to authoritarian forms of government

Question 34 of 80

The small group of islands 400 miles south of India are the: A.Sri Lanka

B.Punjabs C.Maldives D.Dravidians E.Colombos

Question 35 of 80

The location of the newly emerging economic and industrial region of China is best described as: A.Shandong

C.the Pacific Rim D.Hainan Island
E.Hong Kong (Xianggang)

Question 36 of 80

Ceuta and Mellila are associated with which country? A.Egypt

B.Tunisia C.Persia D.Morocco E.Iraq

Question 37 of 80

Which of the following are not Chinese areas encouraging foreign investment? A.special economic zones coastal areas cities

D.forbidden cities E.Shenzhen

Question 38 of 80

_______ held onto eastern Timor well after the Dutch left the East Indies. A.Portugal

B.Spain C.U.S. D.British E.Japanese

Question 39 of 80

Which association is incorrect? A.Myanmar-Irrawaddy B.Thailand-Chao Phraya C.Liao-Laos D.Mekong-southern Vietnam E.Red-northern Vietnam

Question 40 of 80

Egypt's peasant farmers are known as: A.Shatt-al-Arabs

B.fellaheen C.Shi'ites D.mestizos E.Bedouins

Question 41 of 80

Which of the following statements about Nepal is false? A.Deforestation is a problem.
B.Over a dozen languages are spoken there.
C.The Himalayas are the principal physical feature.

D.About 80% of the population are Hindu. E.none of these statements are false

Question 42 of 80

The body of water in Central Asia destroyed by Soviet irrigation schemes is the: A.Black Sea

B.Aral Sea C.Caspian Sea D.Lake Balkhash E.Sea of Azov

Question 43 of 80

Which of the following has not been important in the development of Shenzhen as an SEZ? A.proximity to Hong Kong (Xianggang)
B.the socialist economic principles applied by the Chinese government to its development C.port facilities

D.investment of overseas Chinese in its development E.U.S. and Japanese investments

Question 44 of 80

Which country maintains the largest land claim in Antarctica? A.United States

B.Australia C.New Zealand D.Japan E.Russia

Question 45 of 80

The majority population in the north of Kazakhstan is: A.Kazakhstan

B.Russian C.Uzbek D.Armenian E.Ukrainian

Question 46 of 80

The better watered volcanic islands where the economy is based upon agriculture are known as: A.high islands

B.low islands C.Melanesia islands D.Micronesia islands E.Polynesia islands

Question 47 of 80

Mao Zedong's proclamation creating the communist People's Republic of China was announced in: A.1911

B.1925 C.1949 D.1976 E.1983

Question 48 of 80

The UAE includes the oil-rich sheikhdom known as: A.Kuwait

B.Saudi C.Abu Dhabi D.Bahrain E.Qatar

Question 49 of 80

Which of the following colonial associations is incorrect? A.Spain, Philippines
B.France, Sumatera (Sumatra)
C.Dutch, Indonesia

D.France, Vietnam E.Timor, Portugal

Question 50 of 80

Which of the following oil producers does not border the Persian Gulf? A.Libya

B.Kuwait C.Iran
D.Saudi Arabia E.Oman

Question 51 of 80

Native Australians are known as: A.Maoris

B.Cook Islanders C.Aborigines D.Indians E.Guineans

Question 52 of 80

The Hindu population of Sri Lanka is called the: A.Ceylonese

B.Bantu C.Tamils D.Ghats E.Lankanese

Question 53 of 80

The highest caste in India is known as the: A.Hindus

B.Brahmans C.Harijans
E.none of the above

Question 54 of 80

Most of the people of New Guinea are: A.mostly Chinese
C.Indonesian in their ancestry

D.of Portuguese descent E.Papuans

Question 55 of 80

The Sikh population is concentrated in: A.Punjab

B.Assam C.Kerala D.Kashmir E.Sikhland

Question 56 of 80

The most important ethnic group in Afghanistan is the: A.Pushtuns (Pathans)

D.Kurds E.Baluchis

Question 57 of 80

In India, a leading centrifugal force is: A.the caste system
B.cultural strength of Hinduism C.the personality of Nehru

D.the Sikh population E.all of the above

Question 58 of 80

Wallace's Line refers to:

A.the point in Australia where earthquakes are particularly severe B.the line separating Australian species from non-Australian species

C.the midpoint of the Great Dividing Range
D.the point at which Australian waters are divided from New Zealand waters E.the dividing line between the aboriginal and modern Australian territories

Question 59 of 80

Which of the following statements is false?
A.Australia's total population is modest in size.
B.The largest core area of Australia is on the southeastern coast. C.Most Australians live in rural areas.
D.Much of Australia is arid or semi-arid.
E.The capital of Australia is Canberra.

Question 60 of 80

How many people were killed in the devastating 1991 cyclone that struck Bangladesh? A.15

B.150 C.1500 D.15,000 E.150,000

Question 61 of 80

Prior to independence, New Guinea was administered by: A.Australia

B.New Zealand C.U.S. D.Indonesia E.Papua

Question 62 of 80

The Grand Canal connects:
A.the Xi (West)/Pearl River and the Chang-Yangzi River B.the Chang-Yangzi River and the core of Northern China

C.the Liao and the Amur D.the Indus and the Ganges E.the Liao and the Ob

Question 63 of 80

The country that could control the flow of the Nile River into Egypt is: A.Iraq

B.North Sudan C.Libya
E.none of the above

Question 64 of 80

The largest country in Melanesia by area is: A.Solomon Islands
C.Papua New Guinea

D.Hawai'i E.Easter Island

Question 65 of 80

8 of the 10 costliest natural disasters in the world have struck which of the following countries? A.India

B.Bangladesh C.Pakistan D.Sri Lanka E.Nepal

Question 66 of 80

The power coming through India in the tenth century was: A.Roman

B.Greek C.Islam

D.Buddhist E.Aryan

Question 67 of 80

The Empire that ruled over much of Southwest Asia prior to World War I was: A.Ottoman

B.Persian C.Byzantine D.Roman E.Maghreb Empire

Question 68 of 80

Which region contains Tibet? A.South China

B.Inner Mongolia C.Xinjiang D.Xizang E.Northeast China

Question 69 of 80

The Pacific region called ___________ takes its name from the word for many, and is contained within a huge triangle whose corners are New Zealand, Easter Island, and the Hawaiian Islands.

A.Polynesia B.Amnesia C.Micronesia D.Melanesia E.Oceania

Question 70 of 80

Your textbook indicates that a newly developing regional disparity in India is between: A.urban and rural areas
B.east and west
C.north and south

D.coastal and interior E.none of the above

Question 71 of 80

Which of the following is located in Micronesia? A.Hawaiian Islands
B.Marshall Islands
C.New Caledonia

D.Solomon Islands E.Papua New Guinea

Question 72 of 80

The irredentist movement in the North West Frontier of Pakistan is based on cultural affiliations with the neighboring country of:

B.Afghanistan C.Jammu and Kashmir D.Bangladesh

Question 73 of 80

Which of the following statements about Indian agriculture is false? A.Rice is grown in the east and wheat in the west.
B.Wheat is grown in the east and rice in the west.
C.The Green Revolution led to significant increases in production. D.Cotton is produced in west-central India.

E.All of the above are false.

Question 74 of 80

The residency permit system in China that restricts where people can get services like education is called the _____ system.

A.haiku B.hukou C.SEZ

D.SAR E.han

Question 75 of 80

The animals found in Australia who carry their young in pouches are collectively known as: A.marsupials

B.xerophytes C.platypuses D.Maoris E.Tasmanians

Question 76 of 80

Kemal Ataturk is most closely identified with the city of: A.Cairo

B.Mecca C.Tehran D.Ankara E.Baghdad

Question 77 of 80

The partitioning of Hindu India from Muslim Pakistan occurred in: A.circa 460 B.C.

E.the two areas have never been partitioned

Question 78 of 80

The modern state of Israel was created in: A.1923

B.1937 C.1948 D.1959


Question 79 of 80

The Syrians have lost which piece of territory to the Israelis? A.Lebanon

B.Bratislava C.Palestine
D.The Golan Heights E.Kurdistan

Question 80 of 80

Which of the following is not one of the republics of Turkestan? A.Kazakhstan

B.Uzbekistan C.Turkmenistan D.Azerbaijan E.Kyrgyzstan

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