GB 540 GB540 Unit 4 DQs (Kaplan University)

GB 540 GB540 Unit 4 DQs (Kaplan University)


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GB 540 Unit 4 DQs (Kaplan University)

GB540 Unit 4 DQ 1 of 3

What factors might contribute to low or high growth rates in a country? Why do some poor countries experience higher growth rates than others when all face the same challenges? 

Why resources are no longer the most important indicators of economic growth disparity among countries? Which other economic and non-economic factors do you think explain the reasons behind growth disparities among countries?


How can sustainable long-run economic growth be realized? What are the roles of the government in achieving sustainable long-run economic growth?

GB540 Unit 4 DQ 2 of 3

What are the limitations of the GDP in measuring total output and national welfare? What products (services) are excluded from the GDP computation? 

Is the GDP measure underestimating or overestimating national production and total income in the economy? Why?

What are the impacts of the shortcomings of the GDP as a measure of the national product and national welfare?

GB540: Unit 4 Measuring Economic Activity – Case Study Discussion

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