GB 500 GB500 Week 1 Quiz with Answers (Kaplan University)

GB 500 GB500 Week 1 Quiz with Answers (Kaplan University)


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GB 500 GB500 GB/500 Week 1 Quiz (Kaplan)

  1. Which of the following is a correct example of an APA reference for a book?
  2. Which of the following is the correct in-text citation for a book?
  3. Which of the following is the correct explanation of this first time in-text citation in APA citation style? In researching the subject McMillen et al. (2015) found that “it was certainly a first mover advantage with regards to the Everdone Corporation” (p. 43).
  4. In paragraph 15 of a 2011 online publication, Sara Smith wrote, “Blogging is an opportunity to begin a dialogue with the world.” Which of the following is an appropriate way to incorporate this quote in your writing?
  5. Steve is using an article from a website in his research paper. Since the website has no author indicated, he placed the url on the reference page and did not include an in-text citation. Which statement about citing a website is true?
  6. In APA style, a long quotation which is more than 40 words long needs
  7. Each source listed in the Reference list must be cited in text.
  8. In APA style, personal communications (e-mail, memos, letters)
  9. Review the following information from a peer reviewed article on management strategies. The title is “Management Practice and Profits.” The authors are John Tyler and Michael Ferguson. The article was published on July 12, 2009 in The Journal of Business Practice, volume 14, pages 20-43. The article has a DOI number 838:1000294. Which of the following is an appropriate APA 6th edition references page citation for this source?
  10. When you paraphrase a source within your paragraphs, you do not need to include an in-text citation as long as you cite the source in the Reference page and summarize the source’s ideas entirely in your own words.
  11. You have located a reliable and relevant source written by Karen White and Marisa Giovani. The source was published in 2008. What is an appropriate way to give the source credit within the paragraph where you paraphrase or quote this source? Select ALL that apply.
  12. In APA style, separate title page is required for a research paper or an essay.
  13. The APA 6th edition uses a bold font for paragraph headings.
  14. In APA, how is the Reference list generally arranged?
  15. If an entry in a Reference list is longer than one line, second and all subsequent lines need to be indented half an inch.
  16. Why Paraphrase? Why do writing experts recommend paraphrasing source information more than relying on quoting your sources word for word? Three are correct, select the answer that is not true.
  17. Plan for Paraphrasing: You have selected a source that is reliable and relevant to your thesis and claims. What strategy will work best to help you paraphrase the source effectively?
  18. Integrating Sources: Two of the following are generally recommended when you incorporate a source into a paragraph in your document. Select the choice that is not.
  19. Reliable Sources: Match the following questions you should ask to determine if a source is reliable to their value in helping you make this important research process decision.
  20. Choosing Sources: Which of the following source information is most likely to be reliable and appropriate for a paper written for a course assignment? Select ALL that apply:
  21. According to the Kaplan University Writing Center, what is the most correct balance of your original thoughts and the thoughts/work of other scholarly sources corrected cited in a research paper.
  22. Choose a Relevant Source: If you were writing an argument that yourcityneedstoinstall red
    light cameras to reduce speeding and accidents at intersections, which of the following would provide you with the most reliable and relevant information? 
  23. Is this plagiarism?

    Harry is creating a PowerPoint presentation for his class. His assignment is to discuss product placement in retail stores. He sees a picture in a blog showing customers shopping and integrates it into his powerpoint presentation. He does not cite the photograph since he does not consider a blog a professional publication.Is Harry committing plagiarism?
  24. Which of the following correctly defines plagiarism?
  25. Is submitting your work from prior class(s) without making substantive changes considered plagiarism?

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