FINC 600 FINC600 Week 1 Practice Quiz Answers (APU)

FINC 600 FINC600 Week 1 Practice Quiz Answers (APU)


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FINC600 Week 1 Practice Quiz (APUS)

  1. As a legal entity a corporation can perform the following functions except: I) borrow money; II) lend money; III) sue and be sued; IV) vote 
  2. A firm's investment decision is also called the: 
  3. The following are important functions of financial markets: I) Source of financing; II) Provide liquidity; III) Reduce risk; IV) Source of information 
  4. The mixture of debt and equity, used to finance a corporation is also known as: 
  5. The following are some of the actions shareholders can take if the corporation is not performing well: 
  6. Major disadvantages of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) are the following except: 
  7. Present Value is defined as: 
  8. Present Value of $100,000 that is, expected, to be received at the end of one year at a discount rate of 25% per year is: 
  9. If the present value of a cash flow generated by an initial investment of $200,000 is $250,000, what is the NPV of the project? 
  10. According to the net present value rule, an investment in a project should be made if the: 
  11. An annuity is defined as 
  12. The concept of compound interest is most appropriately described as: 
  13. The following entities issue bonds to raise long-term loans except: 
  14. A 5-year treasury bond with a coupon rate of 8% has a face value of $1000. What is the semi- annual interest payment? Annual interest payment = 1000(0.08) = $80; Semi-annual payment = 80/2 = $40 
  15. A bond with duration of 10 years has yield to maturity of 10%. This bond's volatility is: 

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