FIN 6409 FIN6409 Week 4 Individual Work 2 (Everest University)

FIN 6409 FIN6409 Week 4 Individual Work 2 (Everest University)


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FIN 6409 Week 4 Individual Work 2 (Everest University)

Week 4 Individual Assignment 2

11–1 Defne each of the following terms:

a. Assets-in-place; growth options; nonoperating assets

b. Net operating working capital; operating capital; NOPAT; free cash flow

c. Value of operations; horizon value; corporate valuation model

d. Value-based management; value drivers; EROIC

e. Managerial entrenchment; nonpecuniary benefts

f. Greenmail; poison pills; restricted voting rights

g. Stock option; ESOP

11–2 Explain how to use the corporate valuation model to fnd the price per share of common equity.

11–3 Explain how it is possible for sales growth to decrease the value of a proftable company.

11–4 What are some actions an entrenched management might take that would harm shareholders?

11–5 How is it possible for an employee stock option to be valuable even if the firm’s stock price fails to meet shareholders’ expectations?

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