FIN 301 FIN301 Session 4 Online Assignment Answers - PSU

FIN 301 FIN301 Session 4 Online Assignment Answers - PSU


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FIN 301 Session 4 Online Assignment (Penn State University)

  1. Which of the following organizational forms is easy to form but difficult to raise capital for? 
  2. According to Danny Devito talking in Other People’s Money, why do people invest? 
  3. Which of the following enhances shareholder value? 
  4. What is true of stockholders? 
  5. What is the world’s largest market? 
  6. Which is the primary reason that corporations are the most prevalent organization form? 
  7. True or False: CEO Compensation is not a challenge to the shareholder value standard because they CEOs deserve to be compensated as much as they do for running the company and that does not affect the creating of shareholder value. 
  8. Which of the following best explains the difference between stakeholders and stockholders? 
  9. A management team that generates 12% return on investment with a 15% cost of capital is creating shareholder value. 
  10. True or False: A corporation is considered a separate legal entity from its shareholders. 
  11. True or False: Stakeholders and Stockholders mean the same thing. 
  12. What is the current price per barrel of WTI crude oil? 
  13. One of the ways management can improve shareholder value is by managing working and fixed capital to enhance a company’s performance 
  14. Which of the following organizational forms has its profits taxed as income and is more difficult to form and transfer than a sole proprietorship? 
  15. The term shareholder refers to which of the following stakeholders in a company? 
  16. True or False: Companies can maximize their value by maximizing customer satisfaction. 
  17. Which of the following equations represents successful shareholder value creation? 
  18. Which of the following is an example of an agency cost? 
  19. True or false: stockholders are NOT corporate stakeholders 
  20. The dual challenges of management include: 

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