FIN 202 FIN202 Module 8 Homework Solution (AAU Online)

FIN 202 FIN202 Module 8 Homework Solution (AAU Online)


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1.What are the key steps in retirement planning?

2.Why is retirement planning important?

3.What are the possible sources of income for retirees?

4.What is estate planning, and how does your personal situation affect that planning?

5.Explain what a will is and what occurs at your death if you do not have one.

6.What are some common reasons for setting up a trust?

7.What types of housing options are available to retirees?

8.What types of expenses might increase during retirement?

9.How can retirees avoid housing traps?

10.Explain the difference between a defined-contribution and defined-benefit plan.

11.Describe some of the most common retirement misconceptions and explain what you should do if you hold to any of those misconceptions.

12.What are the federal and state tax considerations in estate planning?

13.How do wills and trusts help in planning your estate?


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