FIN 202 FIN202 Module 5 Homework Solution (AAU Online)

FIN 202 FIN202 Module 5 Homework Solution (AAU Online)


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1.What are the five basic types of health insurance?  What are their benefits and limitations?

2.What are some things that you can do to reduce your personal health care costs?

3.Why are the costs of health insurance and health care increasing?

4.What are the four methods of determining your life insurance needs?  Explain the basic principle of each method.

5.What do the terms "term," "decreasing-" or "declining term," and "whole life" mean with respect to life insurance?

6.What is an annuity?  What is the difference between life insurance and an annuity?  Include payment options and tax considerations.

7.Identify the main private sources of health care insurance.

8.What is disability income insurance?  What are the major sources of disability income insurance?

9.What are the primary sources of government health care insurance?

10.What is the importance of health insurance and disability insurance in personal financial planning?

11.What is life insurance?  What is its purpose and principle?

12.What are the two types of life insurance companies?  Explain the basic features of each type.

13.List some of the important provisions found in most life insurance policies.

14.What are the steps in creating a plan to buy your life insurance?

15.When choosing an insurance agent, what are some important questions to ask?


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