FIN 1103-3 FIN1103-3 Individual Week 10-1

FIN 1103-3 FIN1103-3 Individual Week 10-1


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FIN 1103-3 Individual Week 10 Part 1

1. Use Worksheet 11.1. Linda Scales is now employed as the managing editor of a well-known business journal. Although she thoroughly enjoys her job and the people she works with, what she would really like to do is open a bookstore of her own. She would like to open her store in about eight years and figures she’ll need about $50,000 in capital to do so. Given that she thinks she can make about 10 percent on her money, use Worksheet 11.1 to answer the following questions.

4. Using a resource like The Wall Street Journal or Barron’s (either in print or online), find the latest values for each of the following market averages and indexes, and indicate how each has performed over the past six months:

5. Using the Web site for Yahoo! Finance (http:// finance. yahoo. com), find the 52-week high and low for Google’s common stock (symbol GOOG).

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