FIN 1103-3 FIN1103-3 Individual Week 1

FIN 1103-3 FIN1103-3 Individual Week 1


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FIN 1103-3 Individual Week 1

1. How can using personal financial planning tools help you improve your financial situation? Describe changes you can make in at least three areas.

2. Use Worksheet 1.1. Fill out Worksheet 1.1, “Summary of Personal Financial Goals,” with goals reflecting your current situation and your expected life situation in 5 and 10 years. Discuss the reasons for the changes in your goals and how you’ll need to adapt your financial plans as a result.

4. Explain the life cycle of financial plans and their role in achieving your financial goals.

5. Summarize current and projected trends in the economy with regard to GDP growth, unemployment, and inflation. How should you use this information to make personal financial and career planning decisions?

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