ESE 370 ESE370 Week 5 DQ 2 Course Reflection (Ashford)

ESE 370 ESE370 Week 5 DQ 2 Course Reflection (Ashford)


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ESE 370 Week 5 Discussion 1 Brain-Based Innovative Teaching and Learning Strategies / Learning and the Brain 

Brain-Based Innovating Teaching and Learning Strategies [CLOs: 3 & 4]. 1st Posting Due by Day 3. Chapter Six of the textbook (Willis & Mitchell, 2014) discussed strategies to increase active participation and responsive students in the classroom. One barrier to active participation and responsive engagement is “mistake fear.” After reading the textbook, describe a time when you experienced mistake fear. As you describe your experience, think of the description as a picture you need to paint with vivid details to help us understand your experience. After describing the experience in detail, use the strategies suggested in the textbook to discuss how you can help students (through instructional design or facilitation/teaching) who may also experience this phenomenon (mistake fear).

Guided Response: Review at least two of your classmates’ posts and evaluate the strategies they suggested. Ask your classmates to clarify any confusing elements of their posting and point out any strategies you feel are weak. Extend their thinking by making a suggestion for another strategy or how they can make their strategy stronger. Also, comment on their personal experience with mistake fear and explain how it might be similar/dissimilar to your experience. 

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