ESE 315 ESE315 Week 2 Journal Choice Topic

ESE 315 ESE315 Week 2 Journal Choice Topic


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ESE 315 Week 2 Journal Choice Topic

Choice Topic. Choose one of the following topics to write about:

  1. When creating appropriate, individualized curriculum, it is important to remember that “fair” and “equal”
    are not the same thing. In other words, if all children are given the same thing, it might be fair, but when children are given what they need, it is fair. For example, if a child is unable to sit at circle time, that child has the option to move outside the group and do something that will not disturb the group, or perhaps use a fidget toy during meeting time. In thinking about this, what does the idea of fair not being the same as equal mean in a classroom? Generate an example of a fairness issue and explain how you might resolve it.
  2. Write about the first time you met a person with learning differences. As you think back to this experience, what did the adults say to you? What was implied and not spoken? What was spoken? How did their comments or actions affect how you saw or understood that person? How might your own biases and possible fears of people with differences been shaped by some of these early experiences? What are some of your current fears or possible biases? What are some ways you can work to overcome these biases and fears? What is important for adults in classrooms to think about as they support all children in their classrooms?
  3. It is important to think about how we frame or view all children. Therefore the idea of naming the person first and the difference second affects how we view children. For example, instead of saying “challenging children,” we move to the idea of “children whose behaviors challenge our skills.” This shifts from the idea that children need to change to how we support each child and engage in a process with them. As you think about this, how do you see this idea affecting your work with children? If you are in a classroom, talk about how this idea might help to support a child with whom you are currently working? 

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