ENG 211 ENG211 Week 8 Final Exam with Answers (Keller)

ENG 211 ENG211 Week 8 Final Exam with Answers (Keller)


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Final Exam

The final exam for English 211 is an open book, open notes, open module essay.

Before you begin writing the essay, please read over the Course Objectives listed in module as well as any relevant notes posted to Moodle. When you are ready, write a well-organized 1000 word essay on the following:

What new insights do you now have about (choose any one topic or theme) after having read, studied, and reflected upon (choose at least three of the works you have read for the course)?

For instance, you might decide to write on your insights into the nature of friendship as revealed in the Oedipuscycle, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Cry, the Beloved Country.

Regardless, your essay should have an effective opening paragraph where you set forth clearly what you plan to discuss, including your thesis, at least three body paragraphs that comment upon the insights your have identified, including supporting details and illustrations (don’t forget the importance of a few well selected quotes from the works), and a conclusion that effectively finishes your essay.

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