ENG 122 ENG122 Module 4 Quiz (ST. LEO)

ENG 122 ENG122 Module 4 Quiz (ST. LEO)


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ENG 122 Module 4 Quiz (ST. LEO)

  1. Why did the narrator of “May’s Lion” decide to retell her story?
  2. Abbey argues for peaceful resistance and change through dialogue within “Eco-Defense.”
  3. In “May’s Lion” what is the name the narrator gave to May in her fictional retelling?
  4. What does Abbey claim is attacking the American wilderness in “Eco-Defense?”
  5. Why does the neighbor focus on the importance of fences in “The Mending Wall?”
  6. What is the speaker’s attitude towards his neighbor’s maxim in “The Mending Wall?”
  7. Who does Snyder think is responsible for the war against nature in “The Call of the Wild?”
  8. What does Huxley claim is our tyrant?
  9. What is the tone of the last stanza of “The Call of the Wild?”
  10. What is the tone of the fictional retelling in “May’s Lion?”

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