EDU 689 EDU689 Week 5 Assignment Case Study Plan of Action (Ashford)

EDU 689 EDU689 Week 5 Assignment Case Study Plan of Action (Ashford)


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Ashford EDU 689 Week 5 Assignment Case Study Plan of Action

Case Study: Plan of Action [CLOs: 1, 2, 3, 5]. Due by Day 7. For the past four weeks, you have read and responded to different education-based case studies for the purpose of developing your skills as an ethical leader. Within the discussions, you provided and received feedback and assumed different roles so as to explore various stakeholders’ perspectives. You also built upon your skills of using the four lenses of ethical leadership (ethic of justice, critique, care, and the profession). For this week’s assignment, you draw on these prior course learning experiences and all you have learned in the course thus far to create a plan of action for a case study. This action plan is in the format of a multimedia presentation with the intent of informing your school or organization’s leadership team and relevant stakeholders about an ethical dilemma that has taken place in your school or organization. You describe the situation, clearly identify the ethical dilemma, and explain your plan of action.

Choose a case study from our text book that has not been previously used in an assessment OR choose an example case from your personal experience. If you choose a case from your personal experience, please ensure that there is a definitive ethical issue involved. It is also necessary to include the perspectives of at least three different individuals or stakeholder groups that were involved. As this case study will be posted in your ePortfolio, it is important to protect the privacy of the people involved in the case study. Please be sure to give all individuals and organizations pseudonyms to ensure anonymity. 

This presentation will also be included in your ePortfolio Final Project in Week Six with the opportunity to use peer and instructor feedback to make modifications for improvement. Next week, you will share this presentation by posting the link to your ePortfolio in the Week Six Discussion.

Construct your presentation to meet the following content and written communication expectations.

Content Expectations

  •   Dilemma Description: Describe the background of the dilemma in the case including all major

    stakeholders and the school or organization in which the dilemma in the case occurred.

  •   Ethical Dilemma: Evaluate the ethical dilemma from the viewpoints of at least three of the various

    stakeholders involved.

  •   Ethical Leadership Lenses: Analyze the dilemma from the viewpoint of at least two ethical lenses:

    justice, critique, care, and profession. Your case study does not have to include all four ethics.

  •   Plan of Action: Explain your plan of action by applying your own professional and personal code of

    ethics and including:

o Thelegalissuesinvolved.
o Data-driven decision making (e.g., What data could be used? How would it inform your

o Leadership components (e.g., communication, modeling, shared leadership, corrective behavior). o Communication of Decision (i.e., description of how you will inform the involved parties).

 Presentation Design/ Speaker Notes: Create an eight to ten slide presentation (not including the title and reference slides) that includes:

o Speakernotes.
o APAformattingforin-textcitationsformedia,quotes,paraphrases,andsummaries.
o Appropriate use of media, such as images or sound.
o High contrast colors for readability. If you use a program other than PowerPoint that does not

include visible speaker notes, submit those in a separate document. You might find it helpful to view the Tips for developing professional quality PowerPoint slide shows for assistance in creating your presentation. 

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