EDU 689 EDU689 Week 1 Assignment Current Issues in Education (Ashford)

EDU 689 EDU689 Week 1 Assignment Current Issues in Education (Ashford)


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Ashford EDU 689 Week 1 Assignment Current Issues in Education

Current Issues in Education [CLOs: 2, 3, 4, 5]. Due by Day 7. Educators are known to be faced with a variety of dilemmas that involve competing ethical principles. Occasionally, an ethical standard clearly points to a preferred course of action by the educator. However, as Jacob and Hartshorne (2007) explained, often multiple standards apply, and these may compete with each other, which creates a “dilemma” that the educator must resolve. Whether you are a teacher, administrator, paraprofessional, or serve in another role in a school setting, you frequently have the opportunity to use your ethical skills in determining how to approach or resolve an ethical dilemma. This assignment is about preparing to do so expertly! Note that this assignment will be revised during the Week Six final project and will be included in your ePortfolio. Therefore, it is even more imperative you take notice of instructor feedback for this assignment. 

To prepare for this assignment, in addition to the week’s required readings, use the Ashford University Library to locate a peer-reviewed journal article that incorporates a thought-provoking topic related to an issue of ethics in your school or community. Use the article as a lens for the development of your presentation and use the technology of your choice to create the presentation. If you utilize an online presentation tool, provide a link to your instructor in the document submission where your slide/speaker notes are included. If you use PowerPoint, upload the presentation directly to the courseroom for evaluation and include your slide/speaker notes directly in the presentation’s slide notes area.

Construct your presentation to meet the content and written communication expectations stated below.

Content Expectations

  •   Overview: Discuss background information on the purpose of the selected current legal issue including a

    justification as to why it is important to you, the school, and/or the community.

  •   Audience/Stakeholder Diversity: Describe the intended audience for the presentation. The audience

    might be the school board, teachers, leadership board, parents, or another school stakeholder population.

    Explain how diverse opinions and viewpoints might exacerbate the matter.

  •   Educational Laws: Describe the different federal, state, and/or local educational laws that are relevant to

    the situation including how they impact your ethical decision making.

  •   Prejudice: Explain the prejudices that might be included in the issues.

  •   Resolution: Describe the methods that can be accessed to resolve the issue.

  •   Presentation Design/ Speaker Notes: Create a six to seven slide presentation (not including the title and

    reference slides) that includes: o Speakernotes.

o In-text citations for media, quotes, paraphrases, and summaries. Appropriate use of media, such

as images or sound.
o High contrast colors for readability.

If you use a program other than PowerPoint that does not include visible speaker notes, submit those in a separate document. You might find it helpful to view the Tips for developing professional quality PowerPoint slide shows guide for assistance in creating your presentation. 

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