EDU 688 EDU688 Week 4 Assignment Legal Policies (Ashford)

EDU 688 EDU688 Week 4 Assignment Legal Policies (Ashford)


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Ashford EDU 688 Week 4 Assignment Legal Policies

Legal Policies. One of the most important steps in finalizing the hiring of new school staff is the background check and the presentation of the legal rights of the employee when he or she starts the new job. This formal written assignment provides the opportunity for you to review enumerated rights, background checks, legal rights, and it will further prepare you for the Campus Budget Plan Proposal that is due in Week Six. The "School Background Checks" (2013) and "Your Legal Rights" (2013) resources will support you as you prepare this assignment.

Construct your assignment to meet the content and written communication expectations below.

Content Expectations
Enumerated Offenses: Evaluate Enumerated Offenses including which ones usually prevent new staff

from being hired, referencing "School Background Checks" (2013).
Background Checks: Evaluate the importance of background checks for new hires in relation to student

achievement, referencing "School Background Checks" (2013).
Identify Legal Rights: Evaluate legal rights categories in terms of how they protect both classified and

certified personnel, referencing "Your Legal Rights" (2013).
Compare/Contrast Legal Rights: Compare and contrast two legal rights categories noting whether they

are rights that lead to or interfere with student achievement. Reference "Your Legal Rights" (2013). 

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