EDU 687 EDU687 Week 6 Discussion Learning Reflection (Ashford)

EDU 687 EDU687 Week 6 Discussion Learning Reflection (Ashford)


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Ashford EDU 687 Week 6 Discussion Learning Reflection

Learning Reflection. 1st Post Due by Day 3. In this discussion you have the opportunity to reflect upon your learning in this course and engage in final conversation with the instructor and other classmates. We began the course by considering the logistics presented in the course syllabus including the Course Description and Course Learning Outcomes.

Initial Post Part I

Consider your responses to the questions posed to you in the first discussion for week one and evaluate how specifically, your level of understanding has changed.

  • Was your analysis of the main concepts identified in the course description and CLOs accurate?

  • Of those concepts identified as new or having little knowledge of, how has your knowledge changed?

  • Of the concepts you felt familiar with, how has your knowledge deepened specifically as a result of

    specific course work?

  • How was what you identified as looking forward to learning addressed?

  • In what ways did your perceived challenges and/or concerns manifest if at all? How did you overcome


    Initial Post Part II

    Post a response that addresses each of the following areas:

    1. Construct a list of the top three concepts, skills, resources, and so forth that you have gained in this course and that are most relevant to your life. These could be knowledge, skills, or attitudes related to the course topic, related to your abilities as a graduate student, or other relevant learning for you professionally that has come from this course experience. Include a brief description of each item in your list.

    2. List three concepts, skills, resources, and so forth that you are still curious about now that the course is nearly completed and describe how you plan to acquire learning with the items on your list.

    3. Reflect in no more than one paragraph about the most memorable challenge you experienced during this course and most memorable success. The challenges and successes may be related to your coursework, study experiences, or interactions with peers and the instructor. They might also be something more personal, such as an application of new concepts/knowledge or skills in your work environment or life generally. 

      d. State which class you are taking next and explain in no more than a paragraph how you envision this course relates to that next course in the scheme of your total program learning experience.

      Guided Response. Post replies to at least two peers. In your replies:

      • Consider asking questions of peers about their reflections to encourage further conversation.

      • Consider discussing the factors that might have contributed to your lists’ differences and similarities.

      • Comment and ask questions about your peers’ challenges and successes.

      • Consider whether you have taken the class your peer is taking next and offer any advice you can about

        the course if applicable. 

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