EDU 609 EDU609 Week 4 Assignment Refining your Course Finalizing Module 2 (Ashford)

EDU 609 EDU609 Week 4 Assignment Refining your Course Finalizing Module 2 (Ashford)


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Ashford EDU 609 Week 4 Assignment Refining your Course Finalizing Module 2

Refining your Course: Module Two. Due by Day 7. This assignment provides you with an opportunity to update and polish Module Two of your online course and to integrate a learning activity that reflects the elements of Teaching Presence. 

Step 1: Based on your work in this week’s discussion board, rework existing elements or add new ones in your online course to increase Teaching Presence. Your assignment should reflect the three aspects of Teaching Presence described by Garrison (2007): Design & Organization, Facilitation, and Direct Instruction.

Step 2: Update your Module Two with all the elements outlined in the general Module section as well as Module Two of the Online Course Layout Checklist. Your course will contain at least two learning modules. Below are required elements that must be present each module by Week 5, in time for your peer reviews.

Course Description
o Target audience. The description of the target audience should be written in a way that does not

disclose confidential or sensitive information as this will be read by the learners themselves.

  •   Describe the grade level and school if at K-12 or, if learners are adults, provide more

    detail about profession and organization;

  •   Relevant prior knowledge that learners have that prepares them for the lesson;

  •   Learner environment and if they will be accessing a classroom, using their own

    technology or using school, lab or community resources.

Description of the course. This is your sales pitch! Your description should be written to interest

and motivate potential learners to take your course. The description should include: Subject matter and learning goal;
General description of key learning activities;
Performance Objectives (pulled from all modules);

What is fun, interesting, or motivating about your course. Appeal and Usability

o Visualandmultimediaelementsarepresentandservetoincreaseengagementandinterest;
o Courseislaidoutsequentiallyandleadslearnersthroughthelearningactivitiestogrowskillsand

knowledge as they continue through the activities and lessons; o The course is easy to navigate and information is easy to find.

Course Structure
The course navigation menu and content will include the following items:

o Announcements. With at least one announcement posted in the Announcements section o Instructor Welcome. Includes instructor bio and welcome-to-class message including;

A short written message to the class providing a welcome and instructor introduction

A Multimedia video developed by the instructor with bio and/or welcome information o Expectations:

This page will contain at least 5 Student Expectations and at least 5 Faculty Expectations o At least two Course Modules (contents of course modules described in Item 4 below)

Elements that must be in all learning modules in the online course
o Brief description of the Module describing the learning goal, activities and lessons o PerformanceObjective(s)foreachmodule
o LessonsthatteachtothePerformanceObjective(s).Lessonsshouldinclude;

  •   Lectures, resources, readings and other learning materials necessary to teach the lesson thoroughly

  •   At least one discussion board that supports the lesson. NOTE: The first module should also have an introduction board in addition to a lesson discussion board.

  •   Instructional technology should be used liberally, not only as learning resources, but for students to actively use as they develop learning products (example students create a mind map, create a digital story, use social media, or use mobile technology to complete a learning activity).

  •   Graded assignments / assessments that measure achievement of the Performance Objective(s)

Elements that must be present in Module 2 in the online course
o Anauthenticlearningactivitythatreflectsacomplex,realworldexperience.
o Atleastoneformativeassessmentactivitytosupportalargerprojectorproduct.
o Atleastoneassignmentshouldhavearubrictomeasurelearning.Therubricshouldinclude

criteria connected to the Performance Objective(s).

Step 3: Write a two to three page paper discuss how you updated your module to better meet the Checklist criteria. Also discuss the assignment you reworked to increase Teaching Presence. Describe in detail how the modifications will directly improve the learning experience.

In your paper respond to the following:
Discuss how you modified your course to demonstrate the three aspects of Teaching Presence: Design &

Organization, Facilitation, and Direct Instruction. 

  • Discuss in detail the revision process to incorporate all the required elements as described in the Online Course Checklist. Support your decisions with theories and best practices you have learned in the specialization and throughout your program.

  • Include the course title and URL so your instructor can asscess your course.

    Step 4: Save and Submit Your Assignment 

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