EDMG 420 EDMG420 Week 8 Final Exam with Answers (American Public University)

EDMG 420 EDMG420 Week 8 Final Exam with Answers (American Public University)


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  1. Risk and crisis communications are important to crisis management (yes, if you answer this "true" you will get a freebie!) 
  2. Organizations are responsible for starting natural disasters. 
    CSUN did not have a crisis communications plan before the earthquake case described in the text. 
    Which of the following is not a crisis communication lesson learned from the Katrina disaster? 
    Which African country has done the most to slow the spread of HIV? 
    The prodromes for the CIC included boat arrivals in other countries. Which country was not among those listed in your text? 
    Texas A&M had a crisis communication plan and implemented it immediately after the bonfire accident. 
    There is an old saying in journalism circles, "if it bleeds, it leads," which means that if a death or injury occurs it will become the first news story or the top headline. 
    The Columbine school shooting provides a good example that these serious incidents can stay in the news for a long time. How long was it before the school district got their first day in which a telephone call or request for information was NOT received? 
    How did Dan Williams learn of the accident involving a Metro Transit bus? 
    TV reporters created problems during the crisis Metro bus crisis by stopping busses to interview drivers. 
    After the finger incident, Wendy's refused to be interviewed on "Good Morning America." 
    What was the basic public fear of the Pepsi crisis? 
    The cellular telephone crisis, a scare, was spread by a "non-expert expert" on a televised interview. Although, there was no certainty that cell phones do not cause cancer, there was also no evidence that there was. So, the cellular phone industry had to fight a scare. The crisis was thwarted by a great majority of consumers who did not want to give up their cell phones. 
    The Fearn-Banks text lists several qualifications that a spokesperson should have in a crisis. Which of the qualifications below is NOT among those listed? 
    A PR person is typically selected as spokesperson. 
    Potential equipment or supplies one might need in a crisis communications control room that might not be in a regular PR office for routine operations may include: 
    Web Logs (Blogs) can be very helpful during a crisis. For example, during the Asian Tsunami crisis in December, 2004, a blog called Tsunamihelp.com received _____________ hits within two hours on the first morning of the crisis. 
    Wikipedia, is a credible source that can be used for academic papers, journalism, and any other situation that needs reliable information. 
    A crisis can begin from the following sources: 
    A crisis is defined in your text as a major occurrence with a potentially negative outcome affecting the organization, company, or industry, as well as its publics, products, or good name. 
    A crisis rarely interrupts normal business transactions but may threaten the existence of the corporation itself. 
    Which of the following is not true during a crisis: 
    Publics are the specific audiences targeted by public relations programs. 
    There are _____ stages of a crisis, according to the Fearn-Banks text. 
    The warning signs of a crisis are called _________. 
    The stages of a crisis include, in order of occurrence: 
    Ongoing public relations programs and regular two-way communications deteriorate the trust with key publics and increase the impact or duration of crises. 
    The ____________ is the primary tool of crisis communications preparedness. 
    The effort to limit the duration of a crisis or to keep it from spreading is called containment. 
    In a context of crisis communication, recovery is the means by which confidence of key publics of the affected organization is restored thereby assisting in the return to normal business. 
    The _________ phase of a crisis brings about change that helps prevent future crises. 
    The news media are a prime tool for changing public opinion. 
    The news media should be avoided during a crisis. 
    According to the Fearn-Banks text, which of the following is NOT a possible result of a crisis: 
    Which of the following statements is true regarding use of the term "no comment": 
    The public, but not the media, are entitled to have the facts about a crisis. 
    Which of the following is not an appropriate type of response to a media request:

    There should be a minimum of three primary spokespersons for your company. 
    Most public relations professionals consider _________ to be the spokesperson of choice during a crisis. 
    During a crisis, you want to get your organization as much print and broadcast news as possible and ensure that you stay in the news for as long as possible. 
    During a crisis, it is important to discuss community service projects that your organization has established. This improves public opinion at a crucial time. 
    Key messages are talking points that are one-or-two-sentence summaries used to remind the spokesperson of the messages that must get across to the public. 
    Reporters typically use trick question as a means to harass interviewees. 
    Lawyers and Public Relations counsel often disagree on the approach the organization should take when talking to the media and various publics. 
    A balance between public relations and the law should, as much as possible be determined during the crisis. 
    Which of the following in not an example of an organization's internal publics? 
    What are the five Ws of a crisis?

    Fighting and dispelling rumors is an important task in crisis control and crisis communication. 

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