ECT 122 ECT122 Week 7 iLab 3 Solution

ECT 122 ECT122 Week 7 iLab 3 Solution


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ECT 122 Week 7 iLab 3

1. Define the following.


Peak value:  This is the value measured from the vertical middle or center of the waveform to one maximum.  Measured in volts (Vp)


2. A signal has a peak value of 2 V. What is the peak-to-peak value?

3. The current in a circuit has a peak-to-peak value of 10 mA. What is the rms value of the current?

4. What is the name of the waveform in the diagram below?

5. Draw the voltage waveforms below. Label the axes.  

6. List the steps that you would follow to set a Function Generator to these parameters.

7. On a breadboard, construct the circuit below.

8. Power OFF the function generator. Change the settings to:

9. Apply power to the function generator and record the following information.

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