ECT 122 ECT122 Week 7 iLab 2 Solution

ECT 122 ECT122 Week 7 iLab 2 Solution


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ECT 122 Week 7 iLab 2

1. Define Alternating Current?

2. Draw an X-Y axis display where each X division is 1 ms/div and each Y division is 1 V.

3. Add a sine wave to the display with a period of 2 ms and peak amplitude of 1 V.

4. For a given sine wave, the period (T) is 100 ms. What is the frequency?

5. Given the Multisim Oscilloscope display below, determine the following values.

6. Download the Multisim file “Oscope1” from Doc Sharing, Week 7. Open the Function Generator and set the following.

7. Open the Oscilloscope. Answer the following questions.

8. Run the simulation. Have the professor verify the above information.

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