ECT 122 ECT122 Week 3 iLab 3 Solution

ECT 122 ECT122 Week 3 iLab 3 Solution


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ECT 122 Week 3 iLab 3

1.Using the circuit below, calculate the anticipated voltage drops across each resistor and record them below.

2.Download the Multisim file “VD1” from Doc Sharing, Week 3. Run the simulation and record the voltmeter readings.

3.Download the Multisim file “Series3” from Doc Sharing, Week 3. Connect the potentiometer as a variable resistor and set its initial value to 2.2 kW. Remember to set the potentiometer before placing it in the circuit. Calculate the total current. Simulate the circuit and record the values below.

4.Use the breadboard to construct the circuit above. Verify that the value of eachresistor is within tolerance. Remember that you should remove the resistor from the circuit to obtain an accurate reading. Connect the input of the circuit to the variable +12V supply connections on the workstation. If using ELVIS, open the ELVIS Variable Power Supply in the Instrument Launcher. Set the supply to +10 volts. Use the handheld DMM to verify that the input voltage is +10 V. Measure and record each current listed below.Have the professor verify the connections before applying power.

5.If using ELVIS, use the ELVIS DMM to measure the current in the last circuit and compare it to the readings obtained with the handheld DMM.

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