ECT 122 ECT122 Week 3 iLab 1 Solution

ECT 122 ECT122 Week 3 iLab 1 Solution


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ECT 122 Week 3 iLab 1

1.Identify the type of the following circuits as either serial or parallel.

2.List four characteristics of a series circuit.

3.Calculate the total resistance in the circuit below. Show the formula used.

4.Download the Multisim file “Series1” from Doc Sharing, Week 3. Run the simulation and verify the simulated results are the same as the calculated values. Were the values the same? Yes/No. If No, why?

5.Construct the circuit above on the breadboard. Have the professor verify the circuit. Using the handheld DMM and ELVIS DMM (if you are using ELVIS), measure each resistor value and the total resistance. Record the values in the table below. Compare the measurements and verify that they are within acceptable range.

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