ECT 122 ECT122 Week 1 iLab 2 Solution

ECT 122 ECT122 Week 1 iLab 2 Solution


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ECT 122 Week 1 iLab 2

Part 1



1.Calculate the conductance of the following resistors:

Note: don’t forget the units!

2.Calculate the resistance of a circuit that has the following conductance of

3.Describe a Conductor.

4. Give two examples of Insulators.

5.What is a Semiconductor and give an example?

Part 2

1.Using the Internet, search for a schematic symbol for a dc battery and paste it below or draw the symbol for a battery and label its terminals.

2. What is the difference between a battery and a power supply?

3. Use Multisim to create a schematic containing the following components

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