ECT 114 ECT114 Week 6 iLab Solution

ECT 114 ECT114 Week 6 iLab Solution


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ECT 114 Week 6 iLab

1.Describe one practical application that uses an adder. (2 points) ___________A computer’s CPU._______________________

2. What is a major advantage of using two’s complement subtraction? (2 points)_______The 2’s complement allows hardware to subtract numbers by adding them.___________

3. Create the adder/subtractor circuit below using a 7483. (6 points)

4. From the circuit in problem 3, determine the proper output signals for S and CarryOut in the area provided in the figure below. (8 points)

7. Open the Quartus II software and create a new project calledW6iLab. Using the VHDL editor, create an addersub symbol based on the following code.

8.Create a Block Diagram/Schematic file, insert the VHDL symbol created from the addersub file, and then create and simulate waveforms to verify the code functions as an adder and subtractor. The input waveforms should be similar to what is shown below. A, B, and R should all be set up as hexadecimal values (right click on the signal name in the waveforms, go to the properties, and set the radix to hexadecimal). Paste the completed waveform into your lab. (10 points)

12.Examine the adder circuit with the measurements below. Examine the inputs and outputs as written on the schematic and determine faults on the gates and/or adder. Your response must be specific (example: XOR gate #4 has the incorrect output, or Pin C4 of the 7483 has the incorrect output). There are, at most, two errors in the circuit. (5 points)

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