ECP 5705 ECP5705 Week 6 Individual Work 1 (Everest University)

ECP 5705 ECP5705 Week 6 Individual Work 1 (Everest University)


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ECP 5705 Week 6 Individual Work 1 (Everest University)

The two primary issues in international commerce are dumping and tariffs. Dumping is the international form of predatory pricing, prohibited by the WTO. Tariffs are taxes on imported goods, effectively increasing the price on these goods. A domestic company might be able to utilize the regulations to gain a competitive advantage.

Please write a paper addressing the following:

ā€¢Dumping, while illegal, would offer products to consumers at very low prices. As a consumer, what is your opinion of this? Explain your reasoning.

ā€¢Tariffs effectively raise the price of goods imported from different countries. How do you feel about this?

ā€¢In your opinion, have U.S. companies effectively lobbied for antidumping regulations and tariffs just to gain a competitive advantage domestically? Has this been effective? Why or why not?

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