ECP 5705 ECP5705 Week 3 Individual Work 1 (Everest University)

ECP 5705 ECP5705 Week 3 Individual Work 1 (Everest University)


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ECP 5705 Week 3 Individual Work 1 (Everest University)

Think about a company where the product necessitates input from employees at all levels. Each employee is a specialist with special knowledge that must be shared throughout the organization. Now consider the opposite scenario: An organization has a small group of specialists, but many employees are necessary to implement that knowledge to produce and sell the product. What type of organizational form is best for each? Consider how firms must organize themselves to most effectively carry out their activities.

Please write a paper that addresses the following:

•Describe the organizational structure in which you work most effectively: one where there are many specialists or few?

•What are the costs and benefits of your ideal organizational structure?

•How would you adapt the organization to ensure the disadvantages did not hinder the company’s goals?

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