ECET 375 ECET375 Homework 6 Solution

ECET 375 ECET375 Homework 6 Solution


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ECET 375 Homework 6 (DEVRY)

Chapter 20

1. What is the default mask for network address

2. Using the default mask, how many hosts can the classful network support?

3. What subnet mask is necessary to establish six classful subnets on a class B network?

7. How many hosts can be supported on a classful class B network with the following subnet mask:

9. You have a host IP address of and a subnet mask of

15.Determine the subnet addresses and subnet masks for a business network with the classful class C address with six departments having separate subnetworks with the following number of hosts:

23. A small business has been assigned a classless network address

24. Determine the  following for the network specified in the problem 23:

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