ECET 375 ECET375 Homework 2 Solution

ECET 375 ECET375 Homework 2 Solution


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ECET 375 Homework 2 (DEVRY)

Chapter 2: Signals, Noise, Modulation, and Demodulation

10. Determine the information capacity in bps for a circuit with a 100-KHz bandwidth and a signal-to-noise power ratio of 40 dB (10,000)

11. Determine of number of conditions possible for a binary code containing the following number of bits:

12. Determine the highest bit rate possible for a circuit propagating a four- bit binary code with a bandwidth of 10,000 Hz.

16. Determine the minimum bandwidth, baud, and bandwidth efficiency for the following bit rates and modulation schemes—8-QAM and 16-QAM:


Chapter 6: Multiplexing and Carriers

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