ECET 370 ECET370 Lab 6 Solution

ECET 370 ECET370 Lab 6 Solution


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ECET 370 Lab6 (DEVRY)

Lab #6: Stacks & Queues


Write a program to simulate a queue at a bank. The program should be menu driven and have the following options:

1)      Display queue (Displays customer number and arrival time in a tabular form)

2)      New customer arrives (Queue increases in size by one and arrival time is logged)

3)      Customer leaves (Should calculate total waiting time and average waiting time)

4)      Get data (Should display the total waiting time, average waiting time, number of customers serviced and present time)

Use the “time.h” header file and time(0) function to get present time. The queue must be implemented in a class as an abstract data type. Make appropriate data members and 4 functions to do the 4 above tasks.

Tools required: PC & Visual studio software

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