ECET 370 ECET370 Lab 3 Solution

ECET 370 ECET370 Lab 3 Solution


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ECET 370 Lab3 (DEVRY)

Lab #3: Structs and Classes

Objective: Write a program that declares a struct to store the data of a baseball player (player’s name, number of home runs, and number of hits). Declare an array of 10 components to store the data of 10 baseball players. Your program must contain a function to input data and a function to output data. Add functions to search the array to find the index of a specific player, and update the data of a player. (You may assume that input data is stored in a file.) Before the program terminates, give the user the option to save data in a file. Your program should be menu driven, giving the user various choices.

Tools required: PC & Visual studio software

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