ECET 350 ECET350 Homework 3 Answers

ECET 350 ECET350 Homework 3 Answers


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ECET 350 Homework 3 (DEVRY)

1. Write expressions for the following digital sequence using only impulse functions in one case (1) and only step functions in the other case (2).

2. Classify each of the following filters as recursive or non-recursive:

3. Compute the first six samples of the impulse response and step response for the following difference equation:

4. Find the step response of a five-term moving average filter using its difference equation and compare to the result obtained using the Matlab built-in function conv.  Paste a snapshot of your Matlab work in your assignment. Y[n] =

5. a) Write the difference equation and the impulse response for a three-term moving average filter.

6. Using Direct-Form I realization, draw a diagram to represent the difference equation from problem #2 c).

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