ECET 330 ECET330 Week 6 Homework Assignment Solution

ECET 330 ECET330 Week 6 Homework Assignment Solution


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ECET 330 Week 6 Homework

1. Write a program to continuously read the DIP switches connected to PORTA and send it to PORTB.

2. Assume that eight DIP switches are connected to PORTB and eight LEDs are connected to PORTC. Assume that the switch values are normally high. Turn all of the LEDs on and wait in a loop until one of the switches becomes zero. At that time, send 0x55 to PORTC

3. Write a C program to declare two character arrays called list1 and list2. Initialize list1 with your first and last name. Write the main code to copy list1 to list2.

4. Write a function to convert a character to uppercase (if it is lowercase) and return the character. Hint: Subtracting 0x20 from the ASCII code of a lowercase character makes it an uppercase

5. Write a C program to convert a packed BCD at Port B to ASCII and display the bytes on PORTC and PORTD.

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