ECET 220 ECET220 Week 3 Lab 4 Solution

ECET 220 ECET220 Week 3 Lab 4 Solution


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ECET 220 Week 3 Lab 4 Analysis of Field Effect Transistor Amplifiers


Given the schematic of a common-source JFET amplifier circuit:

  1. Corroborate and determine the circuit parameters
  2. Using DC analysis, determine the voltages (VS, VG and VD) through theoretical, simulation and construction of the common-source JFET amplifier circuit
  3. Using AC analysis, determine the phase relationship of the input and output voltage phase relationship as well as the circuit’s voltage gain





Two difference transistors (2N5454 and 2N5458) were used to analyze the circuit parameters of a common-source JFET amplifier circuit. The calculated and measured parameters, varied significantly when comparing the theoretical, simulated and measured results. True to the definition, of the JFETs, in each analysis, the gate to common voltage was always 0.00V. The theoretical and constructed circuit analysis, of the 2N5458 transistor did produce identical voltage gain, even though the other parameters varied significantly. With each transistor, input and output signals were out of phase by 180°.




Even with varied circuit parameters, each JFET transistor produced significant voltage gain in the amplifier circuit which is line with their theorized expectations. They also produce an output signal that is an amplified 180° out-of-phase version of the input signal.

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