ECET 220 ECET220 Week 2 Lab Solution

ECET 220 ECET220 Week 2 Lab Solution


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ECET 220 Week 2 Lab Bipolar Junction Transistor—Biasing



  1. 1.           To analyze a normally biased BJT circuit comprising of a BJT and resistors and measure the circuit voltages between emitter, common, base, and collector.


  1. 2.           To theoretically calculate and verify the circuit using Ohm’s Law, KCL and KVL.


  1. 3.           Determine the voltage drop across the collector load resistance and measure the current passing through the emitter and collector resistors.





The theoretical, MultiSim and Experimental circuits behaved as expected with the voltage and current measurements being similar.




Given the characteristics of resistors connected in parallel, the results show that the BJT works very differently when resistors (R2 and R4) are removed from the circuit. It was determined that the collector-based junction is reversed biased.

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