ECET 210 ECET210 Week 4 iLab 5 Solution

ECET 210 ECET210 Week 4 iLab 5 Solution


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ECET 210 Week 4 iLab 5 Analysis of AC Series and Parallel RLC Resonance Circuits using Simulation and Construction


  1. 1.         To simulate the operation of a series and parallel resonance circuit consisting of a resistor (R), an inductor (L), and a capacitor (C).
  2. 2.          To plot the resonance curves of the simulated RLC circuit by varying the AC voltage source. frequency.


  1. 3.         To build series and parallel RLC resonance circuit and to verify the results obtained by simulation.




In a parallel RLC circuit, as the frequency is increased from low to high, the source current, IS, decreases to minimum value then increases from the minimum value. In a series RLC circuit, the current, IS, increases to a maximum value and then decreases as the frequency is increased from low to high. The minimum and maximum frequency values in parallel and series RLC circuits respectively is the resonant frequency.




Again, Kirchoff’s Voltage and Current Laws hold true for parallel and series circuits. At resonance, in both parallel and series circuits, inductance and capacitance are equal as demonstrated by the currents being equal in the parallel circuit and voltage being equal in the series circuit.

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